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Monday started off slower but mostly bigger fish. After about 3 hours, the bite died but I managed to catch 4- 28" and over in my first 14 fish caught. Then I moved to a different spot and started to catch decent there too with 3 more 28" or over and numerous smaller ones. I ended the day with 94 Wallies, with 10- 27" and 5- 28" and 2- 28.5". There were times when I would go 30 minutes without a fish and then get several in a row. The current was quite strong so I was using a very heavy pink jig.

Tuesday, started off slow. I fished for 30 minutes without a bite and then decided to make a move. Soon afterwards I got into a good bite and caught lots of smaller fish with 2- 27", 2- 27.5" and a 28". After quite a while, there were too many smaller fish so I decided to make another move. Three spots later, I found another good bite, ground it out for quite a while with another 27.5" but nothing bigger. By early evening the wind picked up pretty good so I called it quits. I ended the day with 105 Wallies with 3- 27.5" and a 28". Water temperature climbed to 11.8° C. The current was much lighter so I used a 1/2 oz. bubble gum colored jig. I seem to have noticed a pattern where it seems that you mostly have to leave a good bite of smaller fish and sacrifice numbers to find the bigger ones. Here are some pictures:

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