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I had the pleasure of hitting the West Side during the nicest 4 days of the Spring so Far, this past June 7,8,9,10. I spent the first two days with my steady fishing partners who I describe to my friends as being fishcentric. I think the first photo says it all...LOL!!! They brought along 2 Live Scopes to join my Helix 7 along with numerous other gadgets which lead to success. The majority of fish were caught in 18 to 24 feet of water on jigs and salted minnows. My buddy caught one of the trophies on a lake trout rig with a 2 oz jig with a 6" plastic bait when I thought the bite had slowed down.. though he put on a clinic with his live scope catching 10 fish in 30 minutes including a trophy while I couldn't buy a bite. We made a move where again we ran into a fussy bite where the live scopes allowed my friends to see the fish which did not want to bite on bottom unless they had to chase the jig. It was comical watching my friend stand up at full rod extension try to set the hook.....he said that he will be bringing a 7' to 8' rod for the next session out! Day one my boat saw 100 fish landed, day two we landed 110 fish. The awesome part about fishing lake Winnipeg is the species of fish caught...we landed walleye, burbot, channel cat, bull head, perch....amazing fishery!

Thursday and Friday I was alone in the boat. I was a bit frustrated after Wednesday afternoon watching my buddy catch walleye after walleye using his Live Scope to get the walleye to chase while I struggled to get them to bite off bottom. I caught several, however not at the rate they were landing fish. I had the good fortune to speak with Lirwin on Wednesday evening out on the water and he shared his wisdom which he shared on his post on forum. Following his advise with what I observed led to success on Thursday with me boating 65 fish on the day of fishing including 2 more trophies(both just over 28"), and 80 fish on Friday where I stopped fishing at 1 pm(3 tubs of minnows....). I caught no trophies on Friday, however did land several between 25" and 27". I saw the surface temperature rise from 11C on Tuesday to 15C on Friday. View attachment 121366 View attachment 121367 View attachment 121368 View attachment 121370 View attachment 121371 View attachment 121373 View attachment 121374 View attachment 121375 View attachment 121376 View attachment 121378

Please enjoy viewing several of the trophies I photographed...I never get tired of looking at these beautiful emerald green fish that our Lake Winnipeg fishery produces! My boat landed 15 trophy walleye over the fours days of fantastic fishing......

Nice job I recognize the shore line. Good spot
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