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Major wind in the forecast today and in the next few days....hit the Red where wind would not be an issue....I partnered with my steady fishing partner who lives near by the Red....we caught multiple species out there in a 60 fish day that included Cats, goldeye, sauger, bull heads, and Drum....we mostly targeted drum though were hoping to land into trophy carp which fight in current like salmon. This was my first day targeting drum and wow, I was impressed!!! They out fight walleye for sure and I would gage their fight to be similar to large mouth bass...and only seem bigger out in the current. I was shocked that they preferred active plastic baits over natural baits...however adjusted as my partner boated numerous fish......we ended the day with 6 drum trophies and 4 cat trophies... my partners trophy drum measured 28,5"...biggest drum I have ever seen....he thought he had a big cat on the way they fight....the drum I photo'd was 26", the cat I photo'd for my partner was 29". We spent almost 2 hours to find a launch point due to the high water and fast current...however was worth the effort for an awesome day!!!! I mostly seek out walleyes which I mostly catch and release and realize that I have missed out on an amazing fishery....Those drum are stacked up in the eddies if you can find and pound them!!!!! Tight Lines!!

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