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October 4th is Election day in Manitoba, and we want our future leaders to know how important the funding of Pancreatic Cancer research is.

Below is a copy of an email we sent to 133 candidates in the upcoming election. We encourage you to find who is running in your area and send them this email. We will be heard!

In 2008, the Provincial Government announced an $8.6-million increase in new cancer funding that will improve cancer prevention, help detect cancer earlier, strengthen treatment options and enhance patient care.

That additional $8.6 million increase saw an additional 20,000 Colorectal Cancer Screening Kits, an additional 3,150 colonoscopy exams, 3 million in new annual funding for cancer drugs, an updated protocol for breast-cancer screening and annual funding for an additional 12,500 breast cancer screenings.

What it did not include is any additional support for Pancreatic Cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer is the only major cancer with a survival rate still in the single digits. It's statistics have remained virtually unchanged in the last 40 years, although it continues to claim the lives of nearly 4000 Canadians annually.

Pancreatic Cancer Facts and numbers:

153 Manitobans will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer each year
135 Manitobans will die from Pancreatic Cancer each year
95% of all diagnosed will die within 5 years
75% die within the first 6 months of diagnosis
40 years the statistics have remained unchanged
26 weeks is the average life expectancy once diagnosed
5% of all cancer deaths are attributed to Pancreatic Cancer
>1% is the amount of funding Pancreatic Cancer receives. There are no known cures, no early detection methods and few treatment options.

With these appalling statistics we want to see additional Provincial funding set aside for Pancreatic Cancer research. We are currently helping to expand the Manitoba Tumor Bank to incorporate Pancreatic Tumors to enhance knowledge and research capabilities within CancerCare Manitoba and believe this would be an adequate recipient of additional funding.

Pancreatic Cancer is a silent lethal killer and deserves to be acknowledged, funded and beaten. Where do you stand on this?

On behalf of the taken, the fighting, the survivors, the yet to be diagnosed and their families we are looking forward to hearing your response.

Lisa Webinger
Brynlee Webinger
FMN Pancreatic Cancer Network

(We encourage you to personalize it if you like, and sign your name to the bottome)

Information on all candidates is available here:

Or contact us and we will point you in the right direction. We will in the coming days try to list all candidates by riding, and let you know what type of response we are getting.

Please invite your family, friends and neighbours and encourage them to speak out

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Southern Manitoba Ridings L-M

La Verendrye: Dennis Smook PC [email protected], Monica Guetre Liberal [email protected], Maurice Tallaire NDP [email protected]

Lac Du Bonnet: Wayne Ewasko PC [email protected], Charlett Millen Liberal [email protected], Elana Spence NDP [email protected]
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Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Southern Manitoba Ridings: D-I

Dawson Trail: Ron Lemieux NDP [email protected], Sandra Hoskins Liberal [email protected], Laurent Tetrault PC [email protected]

Emerson: Lorrie Fidler NDP no email provided, Micheline Belliveau Liberal, no email provided, Cliff Graydon (incumbent) PC [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Brandon Ridings:

Brandon East: Shaun Cameron Liberal [email protected], Drew Caldwell (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Mike Waddell PC [email protected]

Brandon West: George Buri Liberal [email protected], Jim Murray NDP [email protected], Reg Helwer PC [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings T-W

The Maples: Pablito Sarinas Liberal [email protected], Mohinder Saran (incumbent) NDP [email protected], John Redekopp Green Party no email provided, Jose Tomas PC [email protected]

Transcona: Faye Jashyn Liberal [email protected], Daryl Reid (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Craig Stapon PC [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings S Part 2

St. Johns: Trevor Mueller Liberal [email protected], Ray Larkin PC, Gord Mackintosh (incumbent) NDP [email protected]

St. Norbert: Marcel Laurendeau Liberal [email protected], Karen Velthuys PC [email protected], Dave Gaudreau NDP [email protected]

St. Vital: Mike Brown PC [email protected], Nancy Allan (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Harry Wolbert Liberal [email protected]
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Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings S Part 1

Seine River: Troy Osiname Liberal [email protected], Theresa Oswald (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Gord Steeves PC [email protected]

Southdale: Erin Selby (incumbent) [email protected], Judy Eastman PC [email protected], Amarjit Singh Liberal [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings R

Radisson: Shirley Robert Liberal [email protected], Bidhu Jha (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Desmond Penner PC [email protected]

Riel: Christine Melnick (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Rochelle Squires PC [email protected], Cheryl Gilarski Liberal [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings L-P

Logan: Flor Marcelino (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Tyrone Krawetz PC no email provided, Joe Chan Liberal [email protected]

Minto: Andrew Swan (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Don Woodstock Liberal [email protected], Belinda Squance PC [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings F-K

Fort Garry-Riverview: Kevin Freedman Liberal [email protected] (Kevin has also responded), James Allum NDP [email protected], Ian Rabb PC [email protected]

Fort Richmond: Kerri Irvin-Ross (incumbent) NDP [email protected], Dustin Hiles Liberal [email protected], Shaun McCaffrey PC [email protected]

Forget-Me-Not Pancreatic Cancer Network
Winnipeg Ridings A-E

Assiniboine: Susan Auch PC [email protected], Moe Bokhari Liberal [email protected], Jim Rondeau (incumbent) NDP [email protected]

Burrows: Rick Negrych PC [email protected], Twyla Motkaluk Liberal [email protected], Melanie Wight NDP [email protected] (Note of interest: Twyla was the first candidate to respond to our email)
...I hope that some here on MFF will take the time to contact their local candidate in the upcoming election on this issue.I obviously have some very personal reasons to encourage everyone to get behind this.
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