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I'm not sure why I'm writing this post, I suppose it's the closest I'm probably going to get to therapy for this particular problem and I just need to blow off some steam: I ******* hate Internet Explorer !!!!!!

The amount of time I've spent in the last few days trying to fix things that work fine in all browsers except IE is ridiculous, I've seriously spent about 1 hour a day actually upgrading the site and the other 7 trying to fix things that don't work properly when I test it on IE. I've had to use so many hacks my code looks like computer-vomit, and I'm also much balder than I used to be.

The problem is not just lack of support and standards-compliance, it's that so many things are treated incorrectly by IE - Z-index, width and height values, border styles, hover classes, rollover behavior, even colors sometimes appear differently, etc. etc. etc. So you end up fixing things to work in IE instead of spending time adding even more great features to a great community.

I feel a little better now, and I'd like to end with a positive comment:

you guys have been great with letting me know what works and what doesn't work. Please never feel like you are bugging me. You finding issues saves me the time of going thru everything piece by piece testing it myself.

And help not only me but every other developer in the world out by using


Yeah you can click on them and download and because you are mainly Manitobian's let me drop your favorite word. They are FREEE.

Lol thanks guys for tolerating my rant. Now get out and do some fishing.
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