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Braved the cold yesterday and headed out to go fish at the mouth.
made a quick pit stop at the “smoke fish”
Store in Selkirk to pick up some live minnows. The guy working reassured me that the red was passable to get to the mouth since he’d been there the day prior.

smooth sailing to get there, drilled into some silt and dulled the heck out of my auger blades. So didn’t putt around much checking depth.

Set up on 10 feet.
used a rattle bait on one and a live minnow on the dead stick.
old lady and I managed 14 walleye and 4 sauger. She lost a whopper at the hole.
Had a tough time getting back into the river because I couldn’t find where we crossed the pressure ridge in the dark

long over due! One of my better days on the lake. 14° Celsius warmer from when we went out to when we got home

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