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So after Andy and Adam blew up Facebook today with music videos it got me thinking what is you favorite song? and no I have to many answers we all know there is that one that will make you come to a stop and just sing a few lines.

Now it is no secret that i am a rocker thru and thru. Dad was in a rock band and I grew up around garage practice most of my life. been playing bass since I was 12 and not much will turn my ear as fast as a good guitar riff or drum solo. Being born in the mid 70's put my teenage years right in the middle of 80's hair bands. I have to say looking back it was a scary time in rock. Don't get me wrong I will always be Hot for teacher, occasionally Shout at the devil, and yes he is called Dr. Feelgood But I could not be happier when the 90's came and gave us grunge rock and a new era of metal. And even at 37 rock still impresses me as it evolves with the times. There probably is not an era in rock that you wont find on my iPod yet there is one song that to me means more then any other. The first fishing trip I can remember with my dad took place on an early spring morning, doing the about to pass out jello neck head bob on the way to the lake on the radio comes "A horse with no name" by America my dad cranked it up as loud as that beat up old truck could handle and me and my dad sang it so loud as we cruised on down the road. To this day I don't remember what the fishing was like on that day but I remember that moment just me and dad. So not the most amazing of songs but if you ever pull up to a stop light and some fat middle aged guy in a van next to you is blasting that song, its probably just me remembering my dad.

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Well, me being born in the late 60's I always remember hearing the ol' mighty DISCO in my brothers Road Runnuer! When I was 5 he took me duck hunting for the first time to Vogar, Dog Lake! While we were driving through the field on comes Shake Your Booties and what I thought at the time was the funniest thing was when my bro was saying "Shake Your Boobies". That memory will be with me till I am old and frail!
My all time favorite song is and will always be Johny Cash's Highway Patrolman along with I hung my head!
I am also partial to some or lots of Metelica!

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