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I have added some new features to MFF today.

You will now notice at the bottom of every post a Facebook Share Button.

If you find a topic a good read, or just worth telling someone about. You can click this and you can share the post on your facebook wall for your friends to see. The post on your wall will directly link to the topic. So you no longer need to copy the url and post it. This is something a few of you asked for so it should make sharing on facebook a breeze.

You will also notice a new Report button at the bottom.

We do our best to keep up with the forum and posts that break our rules but sometimes stuff slips thru. Please use this button if you find a post that seems to be spam, or way out of line.

And last you will see the Hi 5 button.

If you have ever seen a post that made you laugh, thought was really good etc. But never knew how to respond. Now you don't have to just give the author a Hi 5. let them know you appreciate the information. There is counts on how many Hi 5's you give as well as how many Hi 5's you have received. You guys thought Mike was a hound about his post counts. Can't wait to see what he does with this.

---- Edited and Added To----
Ok one more I was able to knock out today. The quick reply at the bottom of posts. Should now be the full editor with the quick buttons for smiliey's, colors, and options. Had a few requests for this as well.
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