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Ok where to begin.

The top I guess.

Shout Box
( Currently Mike's Avoid Work Box) Had to mess with him a bit.
This is a basic chat style box for instant interaction with online members. Nothing is stored permanently and fishing reports should stay on the forums

Top 10 Posters
This again I should pick on Mike. This is well just what it says top 10 posters. Although we should call it can you catch Mike.

Newest Members
Just a highlight the 10 newest members. Make them feel all warm and fuzzy and stuff.

This is just a shameless plug to one of my side business's. It's a great site and growing rapidly. :D

Not sure it is going to stay or if it will stay there. I think it is kind of cheesy personally but hey who am I to judge maybe cheesy is in this week.

As always hit me up with your questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions.

OH And I Did Alot Of Work I Deserve A HI-5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right Down There \/
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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