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If you live in an area that doesn't have much for lakes or are someone who likes to stay away from the crowds and explore new pike waters I highly recommend trying scour holes below culverts. You need to be very cautious during freeze up as the ice can be iffy but it can make for some great fishing. I generally do this on those days when I just want to go out for an hour or so since I only need to drive a couple miles, or when it is really windy as they are always well sheltered.

We have quite a few in my area and some are loaded with pike. Best pike fishing I have ever had was on a scour hole only 50 ft wide by about 5 ft deep. Largest pike I have caught was on a scour hole half mile from the home place. On days we would get skunked on the lakes we would stop at this hole on the way home and at least get enough for supper.

Since they are just off the road they are always accessible as long as your fine walking and if you don't see or catch anything it is quick to move another mile down the creek. There are also many holes on these creeks on sharp bends, we have one that is over 10 ft deep that is in a marshy willow spot you can't get to unless there's ice.

Hope this was helpful, and good luck finding those pike.
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