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Launched at about 10:30 from Winnipeg Beach.
Headed to Chalet beach area; chop wasn't to bad but it seemed to come from more than one direction so going was a little slow. Got to our destination by about 11:10.

a vertual ton of medium size perch (10"ers).
(1) nice 15" Sauger
(4) EYES ranging from 19" to 21" ... and boy were they thick.

Dark Orange (almost Red) 3/8 oz. wide gap jigs were the ticket.
Tipped with a Salty.

Started in about 12', moved to 8', tried 5' of water.
Most were caught in the 8' OW range.
Slow until about 2:30 and then some one opened the front door

* Saw something really really fun at the launch. Watched some guys pull a large 26' Cabin Cruiser out using what looked like some kind of crazy messed up 14' tandem axle trailer (ya I got that right 14' under a 26'boat). They dragged the boat out (dragging the OB on the concrete). Thought they were going to break the back of the boat ... the trailer literally end at the middle of the boat! I guess stupid does what stupid is. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice way to spend a Birthday, some good laughs and a bunch of fish.
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