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There have been a few questions about ice rods this year and I am donating one to the MFF picture contest so i thought I would share some info.

Last year Quantum came out with a new series of Ice Rods called Kinetic. Right off the bat they were a hit with many local ice anglers. They came out originally with medium and medium light action rods from 36 to 42 inch in length and this year they have added the medium heavy in 36" to the line up.

I started off last year with the 36 inch mediums and was a little reluctant at first as I generally use a stiffer rod, however I quickly came to appreciate the fish handling power of these rods. Like anything you need the right tool for the right job and I quickly found out what these rods can't do and what they do best!

Right off the bat I noticed that they were a little to soft to handle the rattle baits and aggressive tactics that is part of the arsenal we use on the lake. What I was quick to find is how awesome they were as a jigging/dead sticking rod. I started to use these as my jigging and dead sticking rod and they did not disappoint. The soft tip really allows the fish to take your bait without feeling any tension and when you set the hook these rods load up just beautifully. You won't really appreciate it until you hook up with your first big jumbo eye! These rods almost fight the fish for you, and like the soft tip cat rods I use on open water, these rods just keep fish buttoned up. Last year I caught the vast majority of my really big fish dead-sticking with my kinetic and have never had so few lost big fish in an season.

One fish in particular comes to mind. Was out last year around this time and it was the first time that my buddy brad and I hit the lake in trucks. It was a terribly slow day so I put on a 1/16 oz white hair jig dead-sticked a few inches off bottom. Brad just stuck his head into my tent when my rod went down. I don't know how long the fish was on but set the hook as soon as I noticed. I knew it was a big fish right off the bat and it put up a fight. When I finally got it up and on the ice I just stared at the jig. Now you have heard the term " by the skin of it's teeth". Man when I say it was lightly hooked I am not kidding. It was hooked by a tiny piece of skin on the very outside tip of it's lip. I still can't believe it didn't pop off under the ice as is ripped free with ease when i touched the line. I am convinced that any one of my other stiffer rods would have pulled that hook free and that 27+ would have swam away unseen. So it goes to show you it is important to match the rod to the technique.

The new 36" medium heavy kinetics are awesome multipurpose rods and are getting closer to I would use for rattle baits. I have only been out a few times but am already having these rods shouldering the majority of the work load.

The Fishn Hole on Regent is carrying a selection of Quantum Kinetic Rods this winter and have them on the shelves right now so take a look when your by. If they are out tell Brent to order more and he will get them for you.

The picture below was the eye I caught by the Lip last December and the other is the 36 inch medium action Kinetic

Good luck on the ice this winter.


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