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Hello all MFF members.
I look forward to trying to keep you informed as to the latest trends and techniques happening in the Walleye world and other places.

Those of you that know me , know that last winter I gave my thoughts on the last years Lake Winnipeg ice season prior to everybody wetting a line.
This year is a different year and I will again be sticking my neck out with a new prediction. I formulated my thoughts a few months ago and now just have to sit down and write them down.
So watch for " Previewing Lake Winnipeg's 2011-2012 Ice Season"

The 2nd thing I want to discuss are my opinions on some of the new tackle, gear and accessories for the up-coming season.
I have had the privilege to fish with some prototype and non-typical ice tackle the last 2 years that will just becoming into the fore-front this season.
I will give my thoughts on some of these items, and others that just look interesting good or bad.
Let's title this one...."Gear to Get"

So give me a couple of weeks to settle in, bearing in mind that my typing speed is far from lightning fast.

Roger Stearns
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