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Ok so I got the gallery back up and running. It has completely crashed when we went from the old layout to this new layout. During the process of recovering the gallery. We had a few ideas on how it could be better.

Most forums have galleries for you to upload photos. However these galleries are only seen if some one clicks on your profile and goes and looks at your personal gallery.

We are going to do something a bit different. Instead of personal galleries we are going to have community galleries and it will be broken down much like the forum. Sections and Categories for you to upload your photos. (ie hard water, open water, maybe by species etc) With this layout you if you want to go see Hard Water Walleye you can see them all in one area instead of hunting around in every members galleries looking for a the nice ones.

Down side of all this. Going to take me a few more hours of work to get it all up and ready. And all the old images that where once in personal galleries have been archived. If you click on Gallery you will see the archived images. Because we made this move we had to export and import all the images, So the images are no longer attached to your profile if they are in the archive. Once we get live if you want to re upload your images so they are under your profile that is fine.

Currently Gallery uploads are turned off until I finish the tweaks but hope to have that done later tonight. Once the Gallery is back up 100% my next project will be to integrate the HI-5 Button into the gallery images.

With that you guys know the drill. Questions, comments, concerns etc PM Me. And always stay tuned lots more coming.

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love it Ty, so easy to use.....tried to upload a photo and was easy as pie, only problem didn't notice the open water and hard water sections, Ty can you move photo to open water section, thanks
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