I had an add on this site looking for a Lowrance GPS
I was contacted by a seller saying he had what I wanted. He said he had a PayPal account but when I tried it for some reason it would not work. The guy was a real smooth talker and even quoted the Bible saying how honest he was. I sent him the payment by e-transfer (yes my mistake) and he said he would send the tracking number, “nothing came” I contacted him again, he said he was short of money to pay his phone bill and needed $100 so he could ship my item. I did not send any more money.
The person goes by the name of
Donald Drew his email is [email protected]
Also used the name Service Workman
With emails [email protected]
And [email protected]
I am 70 years old living on a fixed income
If you know anything about this person please contact me, otherwise please be careful on this and any other sites.
Happy Fishing [emoji476]
Thanks David