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Got the chance to take out my girlfriend's little neice for her 3rd birthday. This was her first experince on a boat let alone fishing. The day was based on her, so the pressure was on trying to find the toothy critters. Well what can i say... we managed to hook up into her first fish ever! Perfect that just made her day, a baby fish she called it, nice heathy Rockbass, minutes later a nice 18" walleye followed up with a smallmouth! I really wish i had a video recorder going, her expression alone made this trip.

Our tally for 6 hours of fishing 6 Smallmouths(12-16"), 5 walleyes(12-19") 3 Rockbass(all caught by Tia) and one colourful sucker fish. All fish were released.

Awesome day!
Happy Birthday Tia!!!


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