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You know how your parents told you to leave well enough alone. Well I have issues with authority.

Ok so first big change is the photo gallery.
This thing is set up like a brand new forum. Broke down into categories like Hard Water and Open Water and then broke down into sections by species and odds and ends. It is open and working feel free to start posting pictures. A few things that will come really soon with it. Is I am trying to merge the two. So when you upload a photo in a topic it will automatically be put in the gallery. As well as integrate the Hi-5 button.

Next. and for some of you. This is something you guys have been bugging me about for months.
AVATARS. Previously to upload an avatar you had to get it to the right size first and then upload. This is no longer the case. Upload any size image to your avatar and the system will now re-size it for you.

Not sure where to go to upload your avatar.
Settings(big button in the top right)>>>Profile ( button on left hand side in the control panel)>>> Edit Avatar
1 - 4 of 4 Posts