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Today called for lighter winds so I decided to go fishing. They were biting pretty good right from the start. Around 9:00, I had a big one on. I got a glimpse of her beside the boat before the hook popped out, just outside net range. About 30 minutes later, another big one but this one didn't get off. I landed a nice 29" followed by a 29.5" not much later. The bite really slowed down in the afternoon, but it picked up real good again early evening. While grabbing a fish beside the boat, the fish flopped and embedded a stinger hook into my hand quite deep. I had to grab the fish between my legs so I could remove the jig from it's mouth with my free hand. Then it took me about 15 minutes before I got the stinger hook out of my hand. Lots of fun! I could only imagine how much worse it would have been with a barbed hook.

Straight up and down with no pause worked quite well and when it didn't, 3' lifts with a long pause at the top and very slow drops, was the ticket. They would often chase up and grab it at the pause on top. Lots of 20"- 22", a few 24"-26.5" fish but not any more big ones. I ended up with 151 Wallies. My usual bubblegum jig, c/w braid stinger hook and a salted shiner in 20 fow caught all my fish. Water temperature stayed steady at 8° C (46.5° F.). I would say that about 80% of the fish were spawned out. Commercial nets go out starting tomorrow. Here are some pictures:

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