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My buddy Alex asked me if I wanted to go out fishing with him today so I accepted his gracious invitation. The wind started off very light. There was a fairly heavy presence of mayflies and lots of their carcasses were very visible in the waters everywhere we went. We started fishing about 7:00, and it was on slower side. After a few nice 20"-23", Alex hooked into a 28" and I caught a chunky 27". Then nothing, so we moved around several times with a few here and there. The wind came up out of the South and was fairly gusty, creating some decent rollers. We moved around a few more times and caught a big fish in each spot but it was slow. We ended the day by early evening with about 40 Wallies, with a 26.5", a 27", 2-28", 2-28.5" and a 29". With the heavier mayfly presence and warmer water temperatures, I would expect for the bite to slow down for the forseeable future. Here are some pictures:

Smile Water Vertebrate Gesture Fisherman

Water Cloud Sky Vertebrate Fish

Water Sky Fisherman Boat Outdoor recreation

Water Sky Fisherman Fish Lake

Water Sky Vertebrate Smile Lake
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