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Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing HUT Rentals $50 I started it last year under another name.​
Things didn't work out and so I took my information I learned from our customers and put together something even better for this year. We found customers did not enjoy sitting in one spot all day when there was no fish.​
This year you will be renting a portable ice fishing HUT from us. Why sit in one spot when your not catching any fish.​
Now you can take these HUTS and move around anywhere you want to go.​
Go to the ridge, go deeper, go shallower or just go where you want to go.​
Some days Balsom Bay is better maybe Grand Beach.​
If there not biting in one spot, move around. You'll find them.​
These HUTS fit 3-4 comfortably. There 8 feet by 8 feet and insulated. They will get HOT.​
They can set up in less then 1 minute.
For ONLY $50 a day, what more can you ask for ?​
Click on our SPECIAL tab, Our Special cant be beat

When you call to BOOK, you will be talking to Terry or Gail Roth 204-230-8805
We also rent out:

Ice augers
Propane tank with heaters
Ice fishing slays
Fishing rods, no tackle

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