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$1400 is for just the transducer. Saw the ice bundle for about $2400. Seriously thought about it, but I think I will wait and hope the price comes down a bit.

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Thought i would share of a American Web site...

Last year Garmin released their #PANOPTIX ICE Bundle to drill fewer holes and catch more fish! WHAAAT! Less holes...I'm listening, 5 months of shaving ice wears on a guy. Well it handled every bit of hardwater abuse I threw at it! So here is my helpful post for those wanting to know about Panoptix and Garmin this season!
It only gets better this year, they released a complete hardwater lineup with 4 different models! The flagship Panoptix Bundle was upgraded to a touch screen Plus model, GPS, Mapping, WIFI, Active Captain all installed and it's #LIVESCOPE compatible for softwater!
The 7" is also offered in a bundle without a Panoptix ducer for those who want a mapping gps unit with a far from conventional GT10HN-IF Ice ducer. What I like about it is the fully adjustable dual frequency/cone angle, allows two different angles including one chirp at the same time! With each angle emitting its own frequency it can be adjusted degree by degree from 8-16° until that jig shows up perfectly! Judging distance and mood is easy when a fish moves from one cone to the next.
If packing light is your thing or you want a non touch screen option, they introduced a new 6" PLUS unit. Included is a single adjustable 16-24° CHIRP Ice ducer, GPS, HD maps built in, sonar recording and playback capability! I ordered one of these for some run and gun madness.
Last but not least is the budget friendly Striker series offering the same GT8HW-IF Ice ducer as the 6" model but on a 5" screen minus installed maps this time. Still offers GPS and Quickdraw contours to build your own maps!
All units have 800hz Clear Vu Technology (imaging below boat) and can be used on your boat with an additional transducer! Running a Garmin unit on your boat already? Grab one of the add on Ice Kits to use it this winter.
9" screens will fit in the large Ice Pack, order the pictured adapter to plug into the 8 pin GT10HN-IF Ducer Check out Garmin Panoptix Ice Fishing Group also!



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