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Found em!

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Went out for four hours on Tuesday afternoon and after the first hour being fairly slow I moved. Nobody around me in any direction for at least Half a mile. Started marking lots of baitfish and within 10 minutes I had a nice 18 on. The next two hours was nonstop double fisting rods and slinging up greens. Nothing over 22 came out but I caught 20 fish myself in the two hours I sat there. Live target and a pink and white jig with the salted 50-50 split. Went back out the next day to follow up on this hot bite with a buddy knowing that there would be some bigger ones coming through.

Out there set up by 8 o’clock on Wednesday but the pressure had dropped significantly and the rain was moving in so the bite got a little bit more difficult. We only had four fish iced by by 10:30 and contemplating a move. I told my buddy we just needed to be patient and sit there because the previous day I wasn’t set up in this spot until 130. Within the next half hour he had a big one hooked up and I saw it peeking its head through the hole before he lost it. It was between 28 and 30 inches so I knew the big ones were around us now. 10 minutes later he pulls up a nice 26 1/2. By now we also had a steady action of 17 to 22’s Rolling through. All of a sudden I see this huge blob moving on my panoptix. Saw it going to my buddies lines taking a swipe at both of his as he missed. Started dancing my live target higher up in the water column and it came screaming from 6 feet away smashing it hard! Fat slob 28 1/2 came out of the hole. Ended up fishing until 2 o’clock because it had rained solid for two hours and the temperature would be dropping so we left early before the roads iced up. Between the both of us we landed 30 fish, 95% green and several over 22.


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Glad to hear that the fishing has picked up a bit. Sorry to hear about your phone. My daughter just dropped her new $500 phone in the garage getting out the car. Cracked the screen right over where the selfie camera is. She couldn't wait a week for the screen protector and case to arrive from Amazon. Shit happens, but I'm not a happy parent right now.
I think he's dropped off social media in general. I don't even know if he still guides in our area any longer. Might have moved out to the province.
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