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I was excited to get out today after our recent deep freeze with my steady fishing partner. Funny how unloading in the dark goes so much easier at -16C vs -20'sC......We headed out onto the lake with my sled and were set up in the dark for first light. We were not disappointed and had steady non stop action for the first 2 hours, then slower action with fish showing up every 5 to 10 minutes until noon. At noon we packed up and went exploring with my partner's live scope for the next hot spot. My partner actually iced 4 goldeye which neither of us have ever caught out on Lake Winnipeg while ice fishing. He down sized his hooks after saugers robbed him a few times and was rewarded with the goldeye which he kept missing with bigger hooks.

As for myself I landed a nice 29' trophy at 9:30 am then another nice 26" fatty around 11 am which are available for the next angler to catch. Both fatties were caught on white jig and minnow. Fish were aggressive this morning for a change with my partner and I landing 60 to 70% of the fish we saw on our screens. My partner with the live scope definitely gets the assists on these catches as my electronics does not have much of a footprint when fishing in 10 feet of water. Hope these photos give you the itch to get out there to enjoy the nice mild weather we have in the forecast!!!


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