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Well got out with some buddies today. Bumped into Lee and fished with Him for a bit until after first light. We hit a number of spots and got a few on each spot. Lee found some good fish and iced 13 by noon and decided to head her in. We stayed out and experienced some awesome action as light was fading. Both Brad and I have seem this before a number of times and could almost predict what was going to happen. beautiful day, decent fishing and then the wind picks up and a front moves in...Fish GO NUTS.

For the last 30 - 40 minutes I had 2 sometimes 3 fish at a time on the flasher and the majority of biters were coming in 8-12 feet off bottom.
Had to play the whole " we need to get our arse off the lake but don't want to leave aggressive biting fish" our 4 man group caught just shy of 30 walleye with both Brad and myself icing 10 fish each and truck loads of misses and non biters. I landed 8 of my 10 on that last spot. not crazy numbers but a great start to the year.

*most fish came in suspended high, 8-12 feet off bottom or were brought up 6 feet before biting.
*Needed to make them bite, with the right movements and finessing, deadstick was not effective today.
*keep moving until you find fish but give a spot a min of 30 minutes before moving


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