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Cooking/Eating Crayfish (legal in Ontario)

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Hey Folks,

Me and a couple buddies will be doing a fishing/camping trip at the lake by Kenora next week. Of course we are looking forward to eating some fresh fish especially since we aren't the most outdoorsy fellas (atleast they aren't ;)). When we were discussing it we realized as much as we like leaving the fish guts on the reef in the middle of the bay like the rest of the fisherman for the eagles we thought hey, that's perfect crayfish bait! As a kid I used to LOVE catching them with a hotdog on a string and stick with a butterfly net and see how many i could put in the kitty pool. We would then dare each other to stand in it lol but ANYWAY, never tried eating them. Anything you would recommend in particular for cooking? I was thinking before boiling twisting that middle part of the tail and tearing out the poop shoot then throwing in a boiling pot with tons of salt until ready, keep in mind would be over my medium portable coleman grill with a large pot.
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Jay siemens does an episode on YouTube. Search and you will find.
Good call, will give that a watch tonight.
was definitely worth trying, the more old bay the better! Using the walleye leftovers seemed to work best for catching them. delicious with the potatoes, corn, onions and spices, just wish I had some fancy sausage to finish it off true Cajun style.
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