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Headed out to Turtle Mountain for the past week and some new challenges with targeting trout which I don’t do very often. First trip out was a week ago on Sunday with your buddy Tom from Brandon. We hooked up at the lake in the afternoon just after the rain had stopped and since I was a bit early I had a few minutes to wash the boat down after driving on a greasy gravel road. We happened to see a bit of action on the lake but for a while not bites until we switched and tried for a few Smallmouth. Even then action was pretty quiet and I am thinking they had a bit of Winter kill with a few small bass hitting.
Tom switched to trout again and landed a nice 24 inch Brown and a bit later I managed my first ever Brown just hitting 19 1/2”
Over the week hit a few of the e lakes with little success though my wife hooked a nice 24” Rainbow which we had it in the bust. Had the board to measure and it flipped out of the net into water, bass boats aren’t designed for trout fishing😏😏
Hit the lake for the last time this morning and after the 3/4 of an hour drifting and trying to entice them I switched to trolling using a small bass crank. First pass I started with a few hits from smaller trout but managed to land a ten inch Rainbow. Four more passes with the same action and landing another four all around the same size. Stopped and talked to a local on the lake and headed back along my heading and then I had that amazing hit from a big fish. Line peeling off the spool I shut the electric off and was in for a show for over five minutes. With half dozen jumps out of the water at least a few over four feet I got it close to the boat and kept talking to it to stay down feeling that it could shake the lure st any jump. Finally in the net measuring a full 26” I heading back to the local lady fishing on the lake to take a picture of my trophy. She was very excited to see it and also took a picture for herself to show her kids that there are a few nice fish in the lake.
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