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WHAT A WEEK! 3 world class fisheries in 3 days...just Awesome!

Wed started off on the Red jigging up a few greens with a 9 Lb-er in the mix then On Thursday got to hit the Red with Ty for a few hours and we laid a licking on the Kitties...DAM style! with a bakers dozen. that was the warm-up for the triple header to come.

Friday was back to the office with some guests. The action was hot right off the bat and we managed to boat 20 fat kitties during a 4 hour afternoon trip. The cats are hungry and getting fat for winter. What a blast.

Saturday was off to LOTW with another group, a father an his 2 sons who have been bugging pops to take them out with me for over a year now. It was supposed to be a Pine Falls trip but due to the lack of current, poor fishing and high expectations the trip was postponed Saturday and seeing as these kids wanted some serious action and the bite has still not improved I thought it would be best to hit the woods. It was very very windy. Hard to get around and tough conditions to fish. Poked around where we could, and could not get to where I wanted and have my guests remain dry. It was really proving difficult and for the first time I can remember on LOTW I had to anchor almost exclusively. In the afternoon with 7 fish in the well, the search finally paid off on a new spot, first marking fish on the sonar and then getting anchored on them. For the next 3 hours we boated around 30 FAT eyes with 2/3rds of them in 23 to 27 inch range. At one point we had boated 15 in a row at 22 inches or bigger. Persistence paid off on this day and the Boys put most of the fish in the boat. I caught my share but at one point I challenged the 16 year old to a fish off and boy did he kicked my tail! lol. They each took a nice limit of 16 to 18 inch eyes and more pictures, smiles and WHOOO's than you can believe.......back to Manitoba.

Sunday finds me back on the Red for another afternoon fish with the guys from Friday. Only had 4 hours to kill this afternoon so we launched at Selkirk Park... :shock: :roll: GONG SHOW!!! and made our way to the netley area. We managed 5 nice greens from 18 to 22 inches with a few drum and bullheads in the mix. Nothing huge but a fun 3 hours of fishing for guys that have never seen a walleye before.

man are we blessed to live where we do with the angling opportunities we have out our back door. :D


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