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Found this trolling the internet - Author Unknown

Waking up to a beautiful day. I bet it will be a even better night.
the poles lean in the corner of my garage just waiting for a fight

i notice the river has gone down a little more as i cross the bridge to work
the weather man said a low of 19 tonight my ears start to perk

i call my fishing buddy from the city who likes to wet a line
you wanna do some fishin? He responds, “what time?”

the water is slowing down now’ it's getting quite smooth
we have coolers of ice with bait, drinks and some food

the old channel cat swims all through these rivers and creeks
he has been on my mind every day this week

i just got done putting on new line and oiling up my old penn
i cut up the goldeye and sucker and then heave it right in

i sit back in my chair and the sun shines down on my face
a day chasing cats sure beats the city’s rat race

it’s such a great feeling to see a strong tug on that pole
when he breaks the surface of the water it is good for my soul

that circle hook snags him and he peels line off the reel
some of those 25 pound cats will fight for a good deal

as the sun sinks low we start a warm fire for light
those big cats lookin for goldeye come up on this mud flat at nite

it can be hard to see but you can hear that rod when it jumps
i sure prefer a bent over rod then those small taps and bumps

when the sun starts to peak out and the fire starts to burn low
i start to pack up my stuff and prepare to head home

we have camera full of pictures and some great stories to tell
lord you know i love to catfish but tonight i bid you farewell.

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Yeah the Cat fishing has really picked up lately.

As far as being local yeah I am pretty sure it is I found it online in a very old Winnipeg Free Press post. But no author was mentioned.
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