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I know some of you where looking for flags etc for MFF. Did not have much luck on the flag front with out getting 10k made at a time. However there is a company called Zazzle that allows you to make some custom products and they do Drop shipping.

I started off with just a Bumper sticker. It's 11"X 3" and it is there upgraded stock so suppose to be able to handle cold, wet, and extreme sun etc.
So you should be able to use them on shacks, sleds, buckets, your truck if you want to.
Normal Price is $5.00 per sticker. However there is discounts if you guys buy in bulk. Only 4.50 if you order 20 plus there is a discount code
which will give you another 20% off. Single sticker shipping is $4.00 which if you guys are going to buy singly probably a bit high. But I was thinking you guys could buddy up or we could all put an order in together and try to save some money here.

If this works out I can do alot more stuff like mugs, keychains etc. I just don't want to spend alot of time putting these together if no one wants them. and just before you ask. I can add mark up on items to make money but you are more then welcome to poke around and you will see that I have not marked anything up. I am not or am not trying to make any money off you guys.

Any way if you want to see it or place an order.
You Can Click Here

Although like I said you guys may want to consider putting together a group buy on this.

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I love the idea of the stickers. However I also would like to get ahold of some flags. It would be great to see all the forum members flying flags when they are out on the ice.

I have a buddy that does do some silk-screening. If you come up with a basic logo, I could see if he would silk screen as many as we need.... What do you guys think?

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Even a wide ribbon of a distinct colour, black, purple, whatever, with MFF printed on it. Tie it to the roof loop of popups. No flag pole required.

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01durango said:
If anyone is making a group order, I'd be in for a couple.
I think they are still hoping for a flag for the most part.
I do have 2 options for flags right now. One I am waiting to hear back from you about. So I can compare to my second option.

However if you want to put a order together for the stickers Lets do it. I want a few myself for my tackle boxes and stuff :cool:
PM me with how many you want.

once we hit 20 we save
At 50 we save a bit more.

So once I get a total number and total cost I will come hunting you guys down.
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