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Well August is here and it still looks like spirng. Hit the river on Saturday for a full day trip and I have got to say nothing is really changing much. A lot more boats out on this day than I have seen yet this year. It looks like everyone is having trouble getting numbers as there is a ton of boat movement out there with no one sticking around anywhere for very long. We hit a number of spots including the dam and found almost all of our fish in one area. We must be seeing that flood water now because unless I am mistaken the water at the Dam has gotten really dirty. Looks like chocolate milk. Also saw a lot of debris for the first time in a while. Tried a variety of baits and surprize surprize for the first time this year shrimp was the top bait by far. I spend a lot of time on the Red each year chasing Mr. Whiskers and always have a variety of baits on hand. I always try shrimp but most of the time other baits are consistantly outproducing it. That was not the case Saturday. After soaking a bunch of offerings it became clear that shrimp was turning the kitties on on this day. It was not long before all four rods were rigged with shrimp at varrying stadges of decompostion and the bite was on. We landed 15 Cats by the time all was said and done with the best bite coming in the last hour or so of light.

The story of the day was when one of my guests hooked up with a MONSTER cat that swam straight to the boat before he decided he was going to try and break the rod in half. The rod bend to such an extreme I thought for sure it was going to snap. I can't remember seeing a heavy action rod bent like that before. When it finally broke surface and I saw the massive head I knew it was a special fish. We netted it and it was all my guest could do to hold it up for a few pictures. He measured in at 38 inches on the nose and keep in mind that's 38 inches on a bump board with the tail spread flat. A truly monsterous fish they will be talking about for a while.


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