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I have been frustrated by the steady high winds to get out on Lake hit the Red to scratch my fishing itch....I was not disappointed!!! We hit the water at 8:30 am and fished until 2:30pm as my steady fishing partner had a dinner engagement that could not be pushed back due to rapid steady fishing action. Tough leaving when we were catching fish on each cast....This morning our goal was to land a trophy Carp...we hooked onto several until my partner's rod bent over for this nice 33" trophy which was a beast out in the current!! We ended the day landing multiple species including walleye, sauger, Carp, Cats, Drum, and Goldeye. We landed into a pod of suspended Goldeye and Drum to finish out our day in the final couple of hours. We landed 2 trophy 35" cats, 4 trophy drum, and 5 trophy goldeye. My partner targeted drum in the final few hours while I loaded up on Goldeye for my Cat bait and smoking pleasure.......

We ended the day with 85 fish and I can't say enough about having this fishery so close on these windy weeks where as Forest Gump would say, " Life is like a box of never know what you will get!!!". My partner and I each take 4 to 5 different rods on the Red to be able to react to what it presents us....even then we regretted not having our ultralight rods as we landed into pods of Goldeye just out of the current.....

I hope to hit Lake Winnipeg next week for multiple days in favorable winds, however know where I will seek out steady action if the weather does not cooperate.


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