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August 18, 2011 – WestWinn Group, a privately owned, aluminum boat manufacturing company since 1959 and distributors of Harbercraft, Jetcraft and Kingfisher boats have recently entered into a progressive venture with Alumacraft Boat Co.

One of the largest manufacturers of aluminum boats in the world, Alumacraft has been building fishing boats and gaining market share since 1946. WestWinn Group currently offers Canadians the most durable, maintenance free heavy gauge all-welded aluminum fishing boats while Alumacraft offers the same in the traditional riveted, light gauge segment. Adding the Alumacraft line up to the WestWinn product offering will unquestionably strengthen both brands in the Canadian market.

The WestWinn Group recently restructured their sales organization and formed the WestWinn Sales Group and has positioned itself to better serve their dealer network and ultimately, the customer. Leading this venture is industry icon and veteran, Andrew Klopak. Former President of Lund Boat Company, Andrew is not only experienced, knowledgeable and qualified, he is motivated and determined to provide superior products and service to boat owners and anglers alike. Andrew has built an accomplished team of professionals to help execute this goal. John Butts, District Business Manager for Eastern Canada, Todd Harris, District Business Manager for Western Canada and Michelle Trudeau, Brand Manager are all very excited, eager and passionate to develop this prosperous brand in Canada.

John Butts, a very well recognized and established tournament angler and business professional has been involved in the fishing industry since 1991. As the National Sales & Marketing Director of Fin-Tech Tackle Company, John spearheaded the success and vigorous marketshare growth and distribution across North America. Additionally, many years as Pro Staff for both Crestliner and Lund gives John the insight and experience to understand the intricate needs and desires of a boat owner. “Having Alumacraft in the WestWinn Canadian portfolio is a great asset for everyone involved and together we will leverage both companies into one strong sales team,” John said. “Both companies continue to prove they have what it takes to succeed in the ever changing marine industry.”

Todd Harris’ experience and exceptional understanding of the boat business enables the WestWinn Sales Team to be particularly adept at delivering the ultimate product and support to the market. Todd’s many years with Brunswick Boat Group managing prevalent brands such as Meridian, Bayliner and Trophy presents enormous opportunity to excel and achieve our goal of becoming Canada’s leading Boat Company. When asked about the opportunity to add Alumacraft to the WestWinn family of brands, Harris eagerly stated “It’s the perfect fit for WestWinn to manage the sales functions of Alumacraft because the products serve similar industry segments.”

“Better yet,” Harris added “for dealers that carry both Harbercraft and Alumacraft, it allows them to work with one company and simplify their business correspondence while reaching two different buyers.”

Supporting the WestWinn Sales Group is Michelle Trudeau, who has been appointed Brand Manager and will manage the Alumacraft brand in Canada. Michelle’s recent experience in the auto industry as Director of Marketing combined with 6 years in the marine industry as a vital part of the marketing team at Lund Boat Company puts her in a compelling position to take on this role. “This partnership is sure to please those who are in the market for a new boat. The WestWinn Sales Group is determined to provide you with the best product for the best price,” says Trudeau. “Alumacraft builds a high quality boat while being efficient; running an independent operation with low overhead presents competitive edge!”

Alumacraft retains the highest market share in the Upper Midwest and continues to build on its success throughout North America. Alumacraft’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Jerry Byron is thrilled to partner up with such a competent organization with the expertise and ambition to take on the Canadian boat market. Being proud of the steps that Alumacraft has already taken to achieve brand recognition in Canada, Jerry believes there is plenty of room for growth and development. “Alumacraft is extremely pleased to have the Westwinn Sales Group represent our boats in the Canadian market.” Jerry added, “Andrew, along with his team of professionals, will do an outstanding job of developing Alumacraft as number 1 brand in the Canadian market, as Alumacraft is in the U.S.”.

Under the strong leadership of Andrew Klopak, the support of Byron Bolton, CEO of WestWinn Group and the brand strength of Alumacraft, this venture will thrive and bring new opportunity to the boat market in Canada. “Now the Canadian aluminum boat market can expect the best of both worlds all under one force, the WestWinn Sales Group”, states Andrew Klopak, President. “Harbercraft and Kingfisher offers the toughest all-welded and maintenance free heavy gauge aluminum fishing machines on the water while the sought after Alumacraft boat products cater to the multi-species angler who seeks a high quality fishing boat at a reasonable price.” Klopak adds, “We are excited to partner up with Alumacraft Boat Co., as we expand our portfolio in Canada to address the needs of our customers with a superior caliber of product offering.”
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