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  1. On The Shore
    I'm looking for a few ideas to fish around MB, but not too far. Ideally, they would be an hour or so from the Perimeter. From the shore or canoe/kayak (no motors), rivers, small lakes, ponds....whatever. Not looking to target any specific species, catch & release, just looking to explore a...
  2. Ice Fishing
    I am hoping to introduce my two sons to ice fishing. I am hoping to get some guidance on the best locations for walk-to spots within 2 hours of Winnipeg. I used to go to Lockport and Selkirk on the Red River, but hoping to try some new places with lots of action. We love pike fishing as well...
  3. On The Boat
    Greetings, Lake Winnipeg boaters- can you share with me how you became confident boating on Lake Wpg? I find the threat of shifting sand bars and the like to be concerning and wonder how people prepare for that. (Full disclosure- I grew up on the lake, so I am keenly aware of checking wind and...
  4. On The Boat
    Wanting to take the boat out this long weekend Monday, hoping to find some good walleye, anyone have any suggestions on which lakes the bite it good on right now, not looking for specific spots just which lake would be best to try. It's only me going to I will have to unload and load boat by...
  5. Ice Fishing
    Im in need of some assistance with this, although I like to fish I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about it! Im looking for a christmas gift for my boyfriend who is an avid fisherman here in Winnipeg, I was hoping to get him a nice filleting knife and sharpener, as well as possibly getting...
  6. On The Boat
    Any suggestions for good walleye fishing within 1-1/2 hrs of Winnipeg, I will be fishing from a boat and also are there any hazards or lakes to avoid?
  7. On The Shore
    I have had a bit of luck at the forks this year, burbot and catfish, but otherwise nothing. Any suggestions as to where I should go?
  8. On The Shore
    Hello. I've been fishing for (primarily) catfish for a couple seasons now, mostly on shrimp, chicken livers, or other prepared baits. but I want to really start targeting some of the big cats out there. I do most of my fishing within Winnipeg and was wondering if there are any spots in...
  9. On The Shore
    Never caught a carp before! Was wondering if there was any good spots to catch in or near Winnipeg? Would really love to hook into one of those pigs!
  10. On The Boat
    Apparently Tiger Muscles have been invading Lake Winnipeg. The government has implemented a liquid potash dumping scheme to irradiate them. Here is an explanation and announced harbor closures.
1-10 of 10 Results