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  1. On The Shore
    Hi everyone, I'm planning going out to the Pine Point trail in the Whiteshell to spend the day in the area doing the hikes etc. Do any of you know any good spots along the Whiteshell River close to that site or if there's any other good shore spots in that area?
  2. Ice Fishing
    Never been to Brereton just wanting to know if the walters are biting and how thick the ice is. Have a hand auger so just need to know if i gotta buy an extension? Planning on going southside near the collection of islands. Tips on tackle are welcome! Relatively new to ice fishing.
  3. Ice Fishing
    Specifically I am look for info for Big Whiteshell, Caddy, West Hawk or Falcon lakes. Any word on conditions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. On The Shore
    Anybody been out here yet and have a report on the lake or falls? I'm going camping this weekend and looking to do some fishing. Is there any other good shore fishing around that area of the whiteshell too? Thanks!
  5. Ice Fishing
    Hello, New member to the forum, although I've been anonymously taking all your advice for a very long time. Finally I decided to to not be so lazy and join up. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I'm heading out to Eleanor lake at the end of January.. I have never been there. Just wondering how...
  6. Ask a Game Warden
    What are the specific size, location and usage regulations for Ice Fishing Shacks in the Whiteshell Prov. Park? Is March 31st the deadline for removal? Anything else unique to the Whiteshell with which I need to be aware? Thanks Huck
  7. Ice Fishing
    Hi, this is the first season I am trying this whole ice fishing thing, so I would appreciate opinions from more experienced forum users. So, I was wondering, what would be good places to go this winter in North Whiteshell area? Or around Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet, etc. All the way down to Nutimik...
  8. On The Boat
    Anyone know if west hawk is really worth the trip or not? I tried falcon a last week and was quite unimpressed. It was too early I know, most of what's in there has all left to spawn and eat eggs. I only found one good school on my side imaging. Besides that. I can't be the only one tired if...
  9. On The Boat
    I'am heading out to echo for the weekend. Never fished there before. Was wondering how everyone's enjoyed themselves out there. Share a story or two. Wishing you all tight lines for the 2014 season!
  10. On The Boat
    Hi. Hope your all well. I'm planing a trip Thursday for me and my girlfriend. She never been fishing before and is love to get her hooked. She would make a great skipper lol. Anyway. My plan was to go to west hawk, but after ALOT of googling this might not be best. I've never been anywhere in...
1-10 of 10 Results