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  1. Sturgeon
    Hi everyone. I had heard a rumor that in 2018 it would now be illegal to target Sturgeon. I sent a message to Mb conservation to get clarification. Without transcribing the entire answer this is basically what they said. "Technically it's always been illegal. There are a number of regulations...
  2. The Mighty Red
    Hey guys, has anyone been catching any sturgeon on the red lately? I've been trying to catch one but can't seem to get a bite. I'm using a basic slip sinker sturgeon rig and some worm and minnow on the hook. I hear spring is more of a better time to catch them, but has anyone caught any recently?
  3. On The Shore
    A friend of mine caught a master length sturgeon from shore at Nutimuk over the weekend, and he's taking my girlfriend and I to his spot this weekend. Hoping to catch sturgeon of course. I think I am going to go with a basic catfish rig: sliding sinker-bead-swivel-2ft leader-6/0 Circle hook...
  4. On The Boat
    I've never been out to Pointe du Bois for sturgeon fishing yet but I'd like to go soon. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with any tips for navigation from the boat launch at 8 foot to the generating station where we would fish. I heard the rocks and reefs can be bad around...
1-4 of 4 Results