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  1. On The Boat
    Recently returned to the bass tournament scene and looking to find a partner to fish NW Ontario bass derby's. Person should be somewhat of an avid angler and willing to share in entry fees and fuel costs with all earnings split 50/50. I'm 58 years of age, live in Kenora, and run a 2018 Z19...
  2. On The Boat
    I had a short window of time and rare opportunity to fish for some smallmouth bass and check out what the Fat Vibe pulled out - This chunk... Which also happens to be a master angler! Fishing a small lake loaded with pike a wire trace wasn't optional, flicking out the Fat Vibe and bouncing it...
  3. On The Shore
    Hey hey fellow sportsman, has anyone fished the deloraine res lately? I'm heading out there Saturday for the first time and want to try and target some smallmouth. If anyone has any tips regarding lures, location, and conditions suitable that would be much appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results