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  1. On The Shore
    I'm looking for a few ideas to fish around MB, but not too far. Ideally, they would be an hour or so from the Perimeter. From the shore or canoe/kayak (no motors), rivers, small lakes, ponds....whatever. Not looking to target any specific species, catch & release, just looking to explore a...
  2. On The Shore
    Hi everyone, I'm planning going out to the Pine Point trail in the Whiteshell to spend the day in the area doing the hikes etc. Do any of you know any good spots along the Whiteshell River close to that site or if there's any other good shore spots in that area?
  3. On The Shore
    Hello Fishing Community! I'm a very novice fisherman and will be heading up to Hecla this weekend to go camping with the family. I want to start exposing my daughter, who is nearly 4 years old, to fishing. I was thinking of going off the pier this way she has water with some depth to drop the...
  4. On The Shore
    I have had a bit of luck at the forks this year, burbot and catfish, but otherwise nothing. Any suggestions as to where I should go?
1-4 of 4 Results