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  1. On The Shore
    Hey there guys, I’m wondering if you guys know any spots for shore fishing at west hawk lake near the beaches/camping ground areas?
  2. On The Shore
    Hi All, My kids are looking to try fishing. I've tried a couple spots, on the Assinaboine by the park, or the Forks. but we haven't had any luck. They still want to fish, but I can tell they are getting frustrated not catching anything. Is La Barriere park a good spot we can go? And what kind...
  3. On The Shore
    Hey all. Any place recommended about an hour from Winnipeg where I could take a couple of kids to try fishing for perch, walleye, etc. Not looking for Masters or hard to land fish. Want out of city and preferably clean water where the kids can eat something they caught
  4. On The Shore
    Been away from Manitoba for almost 30 years. I’d like to get back to fishing but don’t know where to go anymore. I’m shore only right now and prefer jiggling for bass and walleye. Any tips on where to go by car within an hour or two from Winnipeg (preferably East or NE).
  5. On The Shore
    Has anyone been at Fairford Dam recently for shore fishing planning to go next week, I know we had snow and rain more than usual falls will there be enough water in the river ?
  6. On The Shore
    Hi everyone, I'm planning going out to the Pine Point trail in the Whiteshell to spend the day in the area doing the hikes etc. Do any of you know any good spots along the Whiteshell River close to that site or if there's any other good shore spots in that area?
  7. On The Shore
    Hey guys, Just moved to Carman from Northern MB and starting to get the itch to catch something. No boat down here so looking for somewhere to fish off shore. Not partial to any species in particular but definitely interested in catching some large mouths. So, where do I start?
  8. On The Shore
    Never caught a carp before! Was wondering if there was any good spots to catch in or near Winnipeg? Would really love to hook into one of those pigs!
  9. On The Shore
    Went out to Lockport today for about 4 hours and no luck :-x Nothing but snag after snag ! The fish were jumping and surfacing all day! People were landing fish right next to us even! Just wondering on what kind of bait I should be using and where I should be fishing ? I was fishing on the left...
1-9 of 9 Results