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  1. Goldeye
    When do the Goldeye typically start running in the Red River, in particular in the Selkirk/Lockport area?
  2. Red River Reports
    Went fishing today at Selkirk on the west side from 8am -2:30pm and the fishing was pretty good. Caught two really good size eater walleyes and the rest were average dinky sized auger. Total catch was 28 fish. The ice was anywhere from 16 too 18 inches depending on where I drilled. Got some good...
  3. On The Shore
    Going to be headed up to Selkirk docks this weekend in hopes of getting some greenbacks, what is everyone finding working the best? Casting a jig out or pickerel rigs, etc. Also using artificial bait or salted minnows?
  4. On The Boat
    Just wondering how the river around Selkirk is, just got a boat and was thinking maybe going out, any hazards? also are the walleye out of the river okay to eat, I have heard people speak badly of fish out of the river... Any reasons to stay off the river and stick to lakes?
  5. The Mighty Red
    Hey guys, has anyone been catching any sturgeon on the red lately? I've been trying to catch one but can't seem to get a bite. I'm using a basic slip sinker sturgeon rig and some worm and minnow on the hook. I hear spring is more of a better time to catch them, but has anyone caught any recently?
  6. Tournaments and Special Events
    Like it says Saturday is last day to get your tickets to be in for Early Bird Draw. Over $1500 in early bird PRIZES!!" Tomorrow night, Saturday December 20th. Get your tickets and don't miss out on the three, .....THREE.... EARLY BIRD DRAWS worth over $500!!! That's right, OVER $500 EACH...
  7. The Manitoba Lodge
    I just saw the store was open today. It is called Smoke and Fish. They have live and salted minnows, ice fishing supplies and tents. They will be open early at 6am for bait once ice season starts. It is on the corner of Manitoba and Main Street in Selkirk. 405 Main Street Not...
1-7 of 7 Results