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  1. Red River Reports
    I decided to go ice fishing this first of January with my wife and daughter. We went for a 50 minutes drive from Winnipeg in the afternoon, my choice was Selkirk Park because I have a sedan and easy access. I drilled 3 holes and put the shack for fun, we had a good time pulling 5 small walleyes...
  2. Red River Reports
    Went out early this week and fished right off the CIL launch. Between 2 of us we caught 5 small sauger. Today went out by sugar island and caught 8 small saugers. Ice was about 6-7 inches thick. Used jigs and salted/live. Just wondering how everyone else has been doing? Bite's not bad in the...
  3. Goldeye
    When do the Goldeye typically start running in the Red River, in particular in the Selkirk/Lockport area?
  4. The Mighty Red
    Hello, Does anybody know if there is a public boat launch that is south of the floodgates? I know that there are BL signs displayed just south of the floodway mouth but doesn't seem to be a road or an actual launch there (unless I'm completely blind). Also, I've always wondered if one is able...
  5. Red River Reports
    Went fishing today at Selkirk on the west side from 8am -2:30pm and the fishing was pretty good. Caught two really good size eater walleyes and the rest were average dinky sized auger. Total catch was 28 fish. The ice was anywhere from 16 too 18 inches depending on where I drilled. Got some good...
  6. On The Boat
    I just got back from fishing at Lockport and while we were there, my friend caught a 17.5" walleye. When I was there at the end of June, my friend caught two walleye, one was 18" and the other was 20". We caught them on catfish rigs with shrimp. Today, small amount of people were trolling and...
  7. On The Shore
    Happy Friday everyone! This weekend I'll be heading to the red to have some catfish fun and I was thinking or targeting some sauger as well. I have never solely targeted sauger at the red and I was looking for any information that might help my search. This is only for sport fishing as well so...
  8. Ice Fishing
    I heard about random reports of people seeing walleye when out netting for suckers in creeks. I was wondering though if people have seen walleye spawning in the Red in larger numbers yet?
  9. Ice Fishing
    Im in need of some assistance with this, although I like to fish I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about it! Im looking for a christmas gift for my boyfriend who is an avid fisherman here in Winnipeg, I was hoping to get him a nice filleting knife and sharpener, as well as possibly getting...
  10. On The Boat
    Hows fishing in the La Salle river and what is common to catch in it? Is it similar to the Red and the Assiniboine? Thanks
  11. The Mighty Red
    Hey guys, has anyone been catching any sturgeon on the red lately? I've been trying to catch one but can't seem to get a bite. I'm using a basic slip sinker sturgeon rig and some worm and minnow on the hook. I hear spring is more of a better time to catch them, but has anyone caught any recently?
  12. On The Boat
    I'm wondering if there are any boat launches just south of Winnipeg? I'd like to be able to launch close to our home (St. Adolphe) There appear to be no launches in St. Adolphe or St. Agathe. Maple Grove is currently closed so it appears that Morris or St Vital Park are my best options. I've...
  13. Ice Fishing
    I noticed that they sell red water activated LED blinking lures... Although they aren't at Cabelas. Does anyone know if they are legal/ If they work?? Any help would be much appreciated!!:rolleyes: They Are called Balista Lures.. Look em up!
  14. On The Shore Good day! The post above got me thinkin'.... It was Sept of last year (2013) when I caught this good fightin' cat.. I was wonderin' could it be a bullhead? I have the impression that bullheads dont...
  15. The Mighty Red
    Hi All, Me and my dad picked up a boat just over a month ago and have been heading mostly to the whiteshell minus a couple times for kitties and used Stu's launch. Excited about the walleye run that I have missed all these years and was hoping someone could provide some pointers on best boat...
  16. The Mighty Red
    Two years ago i caught this Catfish in the south Red River near the Floodway. No doubt it is a Channel Catfish but i have never seen or heard of them being completely blacked out. I am curious if anyone knows what causes this or if it is even unusual to begin with. I haven't seen a Catfish like...
1-16 of 16 Results