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  1. Deals, Specials, Advertisements
    Here’s what it REALLY looks like down there... tons of structure. #greenbacks
  2. On The Shore
    Anyone been out to pine falls lately, Never been there but thinking of going in the next week or two. I only got a small boat so probably just fish from shore. Just wondering how the bite is right now, been struggling to get a decent amount of walleye, hoping Pine falls will yield better results.
  3. On The Shore
    Was out in the Pine Falls area on Saturday hoping to get into some white bass but no luck. However, we did notice a couple white bass caught by some other people while we were there, so they are slowly making their way in. Also stopped in at McArthur Falls where we noticed some people...
  4. Invite An Angler
    Like to try pine falls but my boat is causing me a bit of trouble, if anyone wants some company, I can split the costs for gas and stuff. Weekends are best for me, evenings might work also. Wanting to get out and get some good fish to eat.
1-4 of 4 Results