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  1. Ice Fishing
    I am hoping to introduce my two sons to ice fishing. I am hoping to get some guidance on the best locations for walk-to spots within 2 hours of Winnipeg. I used to go to Lockport and Selkirk on the Red River, but hoping to try some new places with lots of action. We love pike fishing as well...
  2. On The Shore
    Trying to track down a rumor that the Gravel pits South-West of grunthal near the race track are stocked with Pike, anyone else heard anything of the sort? I'm aware the nelson river pits to the east are stocked, but special permission needed.
  3. Ice Fishing
    I am in the market for a used ice auger. I only go ice fishing a handful (5-8) times a year, so I am on a budget. The target species are smaller to medium sized walleye, lake trout and the odd large pike. Would an 8" gas auger be sufficient, or should I fork over the extra cash for a 10" hole...
  4. Ice Fishing
    Hi, there! Want to share with you my little expirement which took the place yesterday on the ice. I decided to use a small jig with Salmon's fin on it as a bait. And had some decent action. In half an hour I was lucky to catch 5 fish on that hook! Absolutely love it! It stays dead firm on the...
  5. Ice Fishing
    Hello everybody! Wanna introduce to you guys an ice fishing tip up, which I built basicaly from scrap. The design of it is better known in post Soviet countries, but perhaps some of you familiar with that kind of a setup. So, the idea wasn't mine of the whole thing. I just "created" the reel...
  6. Ontario Fishing
    It has been a hard few days on LOTW but it was all made worth it with this 40 inch pike smashing my Hybrid Pike and going airborne twice... Awesome to watch!
  7. On The Shore
    This 42 inch monster smashed my Hybrid Pike on a steady retrieve this morning (Sat June 11th) Check these awesome baits out @ Cabelas Canada also has stock @
  8. On The Shore
    Quick morning session produced a lot of pike today. Here is one that fell for the Hybrid Pike!
  9. Ice Fishing
    First year ice fishing, have had very good luck on the red river so far this year just want to plan a few trips for after they break the ice up! Unfortunately I have no snowmobile or 4x4 yet so my question is, is there any lakes in southern Manitoba, northwestern Ontario that are of walking or...
  10. On The Boat
    My son and I will be staying at Quesnel Lake Lodge to fish Quesnel, Manigotagan and Happy Lakes August 26-29. Any suggestions as to the best locations and/or techniques there for Northerns and Smallmouth? I've read that the Smallmouth fishing is excellent, but how is the Nothern Pike fishing...
  11. On The Boat
    So far my open water season has been in my opinion not to bad. Fishing lakes local to Brandon MB out on the boat smashing pike and walleye on Lures, all Savage Gear off course. Here are just a few of the more memorable catches, caught using the Line Thru Pike, 4Play, Reel Eel & 3D Real Trout...
  12. Summer Time Rigs
    One of my favorites was the 3D Glide Swimmer and with the new 2015 range out, I can see it being a top producer!
  13. Summer Time Rigs
    Hi All, Getting excited for open water and want to start adding to the rod collection since I just got the boat last year. Mainly go for walleye/cats/small mouth and wouldn't mind going for large mouth/chance of pike/and possibly crappie/perch. Cats - usual med/hvy glowstick/ugly stick...
  14. Ice Fishing
    Ice fishing on the Little Saskatchewan with my lipless crankbaits from Savage Gear the Fat Vibe! This nice pike just couldn't resist a bite at it. As always, a quick photo and released.
  15. Ask A Biologist
    Saw this pike swimming with its head out of the water at Clear Lake a few weeks back. Any idea what would cause this behaviour? It was in a foot of water close to shore. Didn't seem to be too energetic and went back under from time to time.
  16. On The Boat
    Hey all wanting to put my father in law on some fish this Saturday.. He has been hearing the pelican is on fire so he suggested we try there. I've never fished there before. Just looking for some helpful hints as to where to find fish and what they've been hitting on as well as a recent report...
1-16 of 16 Results