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  1. Ice Fishing
    Located in Hillside Beach, Manitoba, this four-season cottage has direct access to Lake Winnipeg and is situated in a prime location for fishing. This rental provides the perfect accommodations for your trip; included are some amenities such as kayaks, fishing rods, 6-8 person hot tub, and more...
  2. On The Shore
    I'm looking for a few ideas to fish around MB, but not too far. Ideally, they would be an hour or so from the Perimeter. From the shore or canoe/kayak (no motors), rivers, small lakes, ponds....whatever. Not looking to target any specific species, catch & release, just looking to explore a...
  3. Ice Fishing
    First year ice fishing, have had very good luck on the red river so far this year just want to plan a few trips for after they break the ice up! Unfortunately I have no snowmobile or 4x4 yet so my question is, is there any lakes in southern Manitoba, northwestern Ontario that are of walking or...
1-3 of 3 Results