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  1. On The Boat
    Does anyone know if Shoe Lake is open? Hoping to head up there this weekend. After waiting for hours online today it seems my weekends up there will be limited so trying to get a jump on it. Obviously can't fish but at least I can be in the boat!
  2. Map Requests
    Wondering if any one has a depth map of Davidson Lake in Nopiming park? Also if anyone has fished it, can they confirm it has Lake Trout? Looking to try it out in a couple weeks when camping at Tulabi Falls. Thanks! Matt
  3. On The Boat
    Looking for a place to go tommorow in Nopiming... but unsure were to hit, I don't know if the smallmouth frenzy is over or people are still hammering them in shoe lake... Let me know if you've been up there lately
  4. Sold
    Looking for a cottage in the Nopiming area - prefer the southern areas (Bird, Booster, Flanders, Davidson, etc.) - but open to any/all considerations. Ideally a 4-season structure - but not a deal-breaker. I grew up in this sort of geography (Thompson) - and want my grandchilderen to experience...
1-4 of 4 Results