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  1. Mapping Software and Technology
    Hello, I'm new here so thanks in advance to anyone that can help. I have a Humminbird Helix 5 DI-GPS and I recently bought the Navionics+ Canada card. When I first used it I had maps but no depth charts, admittedly I may have had a setting wrong. anyway, I updated the card thinking that was...
  2. Maps
    Just trying to get peoples opinions on which option to go with. Like the fact that I could get fairly precise mapping from live charting but it seems like the detail on the Hotmaps premium is pretty stellar as well. Would be fishing primarily around Netley Delta and pine falls. I have looked and...
  3. Maps
    Hello, Just got a new Helix 7 and it came with the Navionics Plus chip. However as you know this hardly covers and Canadian/Manitoba lakes. Is there and map pack for that has Cedar lake? Or is it possible some way to load google map onto the screen? Thanks in advance.
  4. Summer Time Electronics
    I recently bought a Lowrance Hook 7 GPS with the Navionics card. Got it installed in my boat and downloaded the maps to SD card, plugged it in but boat was parked in garage so could not locate satellite. Should of pulled it out to try it but didn't. Went out last weekend and no map detail...
  5. Buy And Sell
    Hey Guys, Selling Navionics Hot Maps Platinum Canada. Recently purchased for $199 plus tax and it is not compatible with my Fishfinder. If interested, I am selling for $150. Let me know thanks guys
1-5 of 5 Results