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  1. Techniques-Tackle-Presentations
    Went and grabbed some frozen minnows today and the store was sold out of salted minnows. I have only ever used salted from what I can recall but today I settled for regular. What does everyone prefer when it comes to frozen minnows? Do you notice one works better than the other, or does it...
  2. The Manitoba Lodge
    I just saw the store was open today. It is called Smoke and Fish. They have live and salted minnows, ice fishing supplies and tents. They will be open early at 6am for bait once ice season starts. It is on the corner of Manitoba and Main Street in Selkirk. 405 Main Street Not...
  3. On The Boat
    Hey. Been a long time sense I posted. So I thought I'd ask about catching some minnows. I've tried a few times in places like Sturgon creek and around the red with my minnow trap but all I managed to get was a crayfish and a few stickelbacks. I've baited with crackers, chips cheese and even cat...
1-3 of 3 Results