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  1. Ice Fishing
    Im in need of some assistance with this, although I like to fish I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about it! Im looking for a christmas gift for my boyfriend who is an avid fisherman here in Winnipeg, I was hoping to get him a nice filleting knife and sharpener, as well as possibly getting...
  2. On The Shore
    Hello, Has the whitefish season started already? I would appreciate any recommendation on the places on whitefish fishing/dip netting. Thank you.
  3. On The Shore
    Boom my 3D Real Trout was smashed by this awesome walleye... I had a quick hour at lunch time to bang this one out!
  4. Deals, Specials, Advertisements
    The Line Thru Pike is available on backorder from Cabela's Canada now, I'm super stoked to get this bait in the water! Check it out...
  5. The Manitoba Lodge
    At the risk on placing this thread in the wrong place I have a simple question hoping someone can answer. I have checked online and haven't managed to find anything. I am new to fishing in Manitoba and new to this website so if this question has been asked please direct me to the information...
1-5 of 5 Results