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  1. Ice Fishing
    Hi, just wondering when it is best to use either a swivel or a snap swivel with various types of ice fishing lures. I've always tied straight onto the line but I'm wondering if that interferes with the lure's action or twists the line, etc. Thoughts?
  2. On The Boat
    Free to create fishing spots and view realtime tide and weather, just search Global Tide in App Store.
  3. Ice Fishing
    I noticed that they sell red water activated LED blinking lures... Although they aren't at Cabelas. Does anyone know if they are legal/ If they work?? Any help would be much appreciated!!:rolleyes: They Are called Balista Lures.. Look em up!
  4. On The Shore
    This Walleye nailed my 9.5cm Swim & Jerk Jack Pike.
1-4 of 4 Results