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  1. Ontario Fishing
    Hello, I am looking for some general advice about ice fishing for Lakers on LOTW. I Live in Winnipeg and would love to plan a trip out but its a big lake and would love to hear peoples thoughts. I am planning on doing it one of two ways: Plan 1 Head out early for the day trip with sleds and...
  2. Ontario Fishing
    It has been a hard few days on LOTW but it was all made worth it with this 40 inch pike smashing my Hybrid Pike and going airborne twice... Awesome to watch!
  3. Summer Time Rigs
    Hi Everyone, Majority of the fishing I have done in years is ice fishing and shore fishing along the red. Me and my dad are looking at purchasing a boat right away and want to start exploring. He wants to mainly go for wallies in areas like LOTW, Boreal Bay, Lee River, Manigotagan, Nutimik...
1-3 of 3 Results