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  1. On The Boat
    Have to work a day up in The Pas June 8th so turned in into a fishing trip. Staying at Watchi Bay Bed & Breakfast between The Pas and Clearwater. Hoping a few days of Laker. If assume they will still be a bit shallower in 30 to 60 with the late ice? White tubes? Going to stop by Pete's for some...
  2. Ice Fishing
    Are you looking for the Ultimate Ice Fishing Adventure of a lifetime? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Whether you are in search of that GIANT Lake Trout, chasing those RIDICULOUS Gator Northern Pike, or looking to hook into a HOG of a Northern Manitoba Walleye, Bakers Narrows has got you covered. We have...
  3. Ontario Fishing
    Hello, I am looking for some general advice about ice fishing for Lakers on LOTW. I Live in Winnipeg and would love to plan a trip out but its a big lake and would love to hear peoples thoughts. I am planning on doing it one of two ways: Plan 1 Head out early for the day trip with sleds and...
1-3 of 3 Results